AJMEC TUNISIA is an autonomous, non-gouvernmental youth organisation whose main aim is to open international exchange for young people, promote youth initiative in improving social work and facilitating the integration of young people into society especially those of rural areas by involving them in our work, and encouraging their creative spirit that helps increasing youth partecipation in both local community and society in general.
The partecipation in our activities gives a better opportunity to get a positive and varied personal development. We are looking as well to increase the tunisian youth participation in the international events, which could make them open to a multitude of life styles, cultures, point of views, and get them within a spirit of creativity. Our target group is all Tunisian youth mainly the youngsters that are between 15-30 years old the AJMEC organisation is very active and partecipates regularly in the events that vary between youth exchange, voluntary service and seminars.

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