Koreja's artistical project is made up of works, actions and stories coming from far away and, above all, from the deep need of building up a «residence for theatre and culture» opens to innovations, to the comparison between generations, a kaleidoscope of arts, genres and experiences in the South of Italy. Coop Koreja is paying attention to the traditions as much as to the roots and languages of other people, in a relation of mutual respect "Works", "actions" and "stories" mean production of plays born inside the "Cantieri" and facing the wider audience (children, youngsters and grownups) during the tournée. One of the main goal of the Coop Koreja is the hospitality to companies and artists, cultural meetings, exhibitions, public rehearsal, all inserted into "Strade Maestre" which mean theatrical training addressed above all to young and disadvantaged people and finally an endlessly open dialogue with the audience and Institutions. Coop Koreja participated as partner in the project P.L.O.T., headed by the Municipality of Lecce. The main goal was to establish the EuroMediterranean Research Centre for the Mobility of Artists. Coop Koreja organised festivals such as “ Strade Maestre”, “Open Dance” as well as trainings “ Pratica in cerca della teoria”, “Benvenuti al Cosmopoli”. One of the main activities are linked to theatres’ performances, such as “ Plastic Gardens”, “ Paladins of France”, “Brat(brother)”, “Iancu”, Acido Fenico” Etc. Coop Koreja’s participation was suggested by the Jordanian partner of the Euromedinculture(s)’s network. Koreja already experienced projects related to trainings and will propose to the trainees activities linked to European project management and communication.

Projet(s) en coopération: