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Siljeholm/Christophersen is a cultural foundation and contemporary dance/performance company registered and based in Oslo, Norway. It consists permanently of two dance artists: Helle Siljeholm & Sara Christophersen. Working on diverse projects; they invite other artists/academics to work with them. They are also invited to create work or collaborate with other artists and/or institutions nationally and internationally.
Since 2006 they have created work, taught, collaborated, toured and initiated projects in Norway, Nordic Countries and The Middle East. In the Middle East (Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine) the have been and are still involved with long-term engagements in performance projects. Lately they have also started collaborations in East Africa.
In all work and engagements they are busy to use their medium in one way or the other as a tool for social interaction, dialogue and exchange between cultures. They believe dance and theatre inevitable is a powerful socio-political tool as its main purpose is to work - and engage with people.
As a company they create work for youths, adults for theatre, galleries and site-specific.

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