Agnieszka (PL): avery international volunteering

I am really satisfied I finally realized my plan to go for EVS. Now I work with ensemble of contemporary music - Muzsicatreize in Marseille as a volunteer.

At beginning I was very excited to work with Musicatreize, I expected interesting and creative work. With the time I saw that I work actually just in the office and unfortunately will be hard to learn something more here. I didn't know French so it was a big obstacle for me, now I can understand more.

Despite the fact that I can't realize my artistic interest in work, I really try to progress myself independently. Now I have a time (after work) for reading, visiting galleries, meeting new friends etc.  

My best experience on EVS was seminars. It was great to meet wonderful people from different countries in one place. I am sure I found there friends for long time.

I think volunteering gives real opportunity to be "open mind", it means to discover new possibilities, new ideas for life. It is really wonderful. I love travelling, thanks EVS I feel like in long travel, I can still learn new places. Also I believe that EVS experience helps me to find better job in the future. To sum up in my opinion, EVS time is very good and important for me despite difficulties.