Dana (LV) : un projet d'est trop court !

Imagine working every day with pleasant and humorous people, watching short films and experiencing a very dynamic and colourful festival week. That was part of my EVS project in southern France, Nice. Having the best weather and enjoying French culture, I had the opportunity to gain new experience and challenge myself during the EVS time. The Association Héliotrope works in a culture and cinematography field, promoting and distributing short films. The main objecive is to organise the annual short film festival Un festival c'est trop court!. -

As I'm a big cinema lover I enjoyed the possibility to watch and to participate in the selection of films for the festival. Later on I challenged my French by contacting professionals (directors, producers, actors) to arrange their arrival and accommodation. As the festival is also in a European level I was glad to use my English knowledge. -

The festival itself, which took place in Nice from 23rd to 28th October, was an exciting and precious time when all the hard work seemed worth it. The collaboration with my colleagues during those days was especially significant, as well as the communication with the public. -

Throughout my project I always met people, I practiced French which, after a while, did improve, especially after starting the French classes. Héliotrope is a special "community", the team is very friendly, opendminded, social and alternative. We are not there together just to work in front of computers, that's a place where good humour, evenings with food or wine or film screenings and discussions are shared. 

My time here has been different - from trying to like Nice to a fully rewarding feeling after the success of the festival. Thanks to this association I could even attend our partner cinema when I prefered, during the festival I worked in the main cultural spots in the city, I was able to see some of the screenings during the festival and to meet the film related professionals that was an amazing experience. 

This was the first time I took part in organising a big event like a short film festival. Even if it was overwhelming at times it was memorable. Overall this project gave me an opportunity to gain some new knowledge, to practice the beautiful language, to travel, to be part of French culture and to meet people, all these aspects have been my passion for years. Altogether my EVS project was a continuation of my life in France.