Kasia (PL) : I promote EVS wholeheartedly

I have been in France since January 2013 and it has been incredibly enjoyable time so far. My EVS project resembles a professional internship in the Digital Communication Department, so I have the possibility to gain some relevant experience in the domains of culture, communication and online marketing. I am mainly responsible for creating the weekly newsletters and the current home page of Marseille-Provence 2013. I also assist with the French-English translations and I add the events as well as pictures to our official web page.

During my voluntary mission in Marseille I had the chance to learn two important programmes - Adobe Photoshop and wordpress, what will certainly be very useful in my future career. Within the next years I aim to progress in the entertainment industry where the experience related to the New Media is highly desired. Therefore, I have always deeply appreciated the possibility to participate in the organization of the European Capital of Culture.

People engaged in the project are mostly French but the English translators come from New Zealand and Canada. In addition, the other volunteers are from seven various countries - Italy, Belgium, Morocco, Lebanon, Hungary, Serbia and Bulgaria. Thanks to the fact that I am working in this international environment, the training I gain here is even more precious. It certainly proves that I could work anywhere in the world because I do not have problems with the adaptation to the multicultural ambience.

In the evenings and during the weekends I visit the exhibitions and go to the theaters or concerts to enjoy the atmosphere of the Marseille-Provence 2013 European Capital of Culture. This is a huge advantage for me because I adore High Culture very much. Unfortunately, usually I cannot afford it on a daily basis. Thanks to my EVS, I get many free invitations for a whole range of events and I should admit that for me it is a great pleasure and advantage of this project.

I certainly must add that my French language skills have significantly improved what was my main objective for this year. Finally - I have travelled a lot and visited many new places. I have been to the Alps, in Aix-en-Provence, Sommieres, Nimes, Arles, Aubagne… To sum up -if anybody asks me about EVS, I promote it wholeheartedly and I encourage my friends to apply for it.