Marzia (IT) - Association Culture et Cinéma

The EVS project met my expectations because I wanted to work in the audiovisual sector and I could do it. The project has been successful and I evaluate it really positive because even if I encountered some problems due to some lacks in the places where I worked and to diseases given by the changing of houses, I have learned to face difficulties in a calm way and this made me stronger. I improved my French, knowledge of French culture and different European cultures. My European and international awareness is really better since I am in France. I built working relations and friendship relations with a lot of French people, really strong contacts, they will remain in the future. My plan for the future is to continue to work in the audiovisual sector, always abroad.

I would recommend EVS to other young people if they have the desire to do an experience which can enrich them in both a personal and social- working points of view.